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Lahore, the beautiful yet incredibly notorious city for lack of breathable air, is also known for its rich history of poets, writers, and artists. The Pak Tea house and the adjacent Mall Road features a history of influential literary movement. What inspires movements and revolutions? — literature, of course. While much of its intellectual revolution has eroded over the years, modern day Lahore has retained some of the best bookstores across the country. The non-exhaustive list includes:


I think Readings revived the concept of bookstores in the country. I remember entering the Gulberg outlet when I was about ten — wide eyed, awe struck and giddy. The OG white-turned-grey-carpet, shelves upon shelves containing huge volumes of books, coupled with people of all ages craning their necks to read titles was a rare sight. Over the years, Readings became one of my favorite spots in the city. Whether I bought books or not, I always window-shopped to my heart’s content. It was also rumored that there was a tiny coffee shop somewhere in the Gulberg outlet. However, finding the hidden coffee shop is a quest I have failed (I even asked the staff about it, but no luck).